UI refutes rumor after student collides with bus on campus


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The U of I is shutting down a rumor after a student’s tweet about an accident went viral.

On Tuesday, the student collided with an MTD bus on Goodwin Avenue in Urbana. Police say the accident was her fault. She posted on Twitter saying “I finally achieved what every singe college student in America has dreamed of, yet can only hope will happen to them. That’s right. I got run over by a bus on campus.”

The tweet points to a nation wide rumor that if you get hit by a bus on campus you’ll get free tuition from the college. The university says that’s not true and they’re disappointed that this has spread so far. The post is getting a lot of attention with more than 345,000 likes and more than 62,000 retweets.

WCIA reached out to her for a comment and she said…

“I’m completely overwhelmed by the response this has gotten. I merely wanted to find humor in an unfortunate but real situation that happened to me–in this case, getting run over by a bus. I worded things as carefully as I could, making sure to say that I was not hit by a bus. Needless to say, I did not get run over by a bus on purpose, and I believe people should definitely not put themselves in harm’s way for any reason. However, if anyone was able to find humor in this situation, I’m glad.”

Miranda Sun

Police ticketed her for failure to yield while she was riding in a cross walk because she didn’t have the right of way. She was taken to the hospital and will be ok.

The director of MTD wants to send a warning message to people about what happened. The statement reads…

“We live in an age where misinformation travels rapidly and this can be incredibly dangerous. This tweet demonstrates how easily a serious issue about public safety can spread a myth and encourage irresponsible behavior. Safety is immensely important, and we hope that students will be aware of their surroundings and use safe cycling practices because if they do drive their bicycle into the side of a bus The myth of free tuition and a big pay day will remain a fairy tale.”

Karl Gnat
Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD)

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