U.S. Senate winner: Tammy Duckworth

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Update: 4:15 pm, 11/9/16, Wednesday

SPRINGFIELD — New U.S. Senator-Elect Tammy Duckworth thanked supporters in the Capital City Wednesday. Duckworth beat incumbent Republican Mark Kirk.

In terms of being ready to work with a Republican-controlled House, Senate and presidency, Duckworth mentioned the fact she’s already clocked time as a Congresswoman in the Republican-controlled House. She’s confident she can get work done.

She visited with and thanked supporters. She says she’s disappointed Hillary Clinton didn’t win the presidency, but she’s proud of the women who were elected.

She plans to work closely with the new administration to get things done for the state. One of her big tasks is bringing manufacturing back to Illinois.

Duckworth will meet with Kirk on Veterans Day to have that drink he promised during his concession speech, but for her, it will be soda.

Before public office, Duckworth was a member of the National Guard. She then became the director of Illinois Veterans Affairs.

In 2009, she was the assistant secretary to the U.S. Veteran Affairs Department. Duckworth did that for two years, then ran for and won a Congressional seat in 2013. 

Original: 5:00 pm, 11/8/16, Tuesday

NORTHBROOK — One of the biggest races is the battle for U.S. Senate.

Republican Mark Kirk has the seat right now, but the incumbent faces a big challenge from Democrat Tammy Duckworth. People are calling this one of the closest Senate races Illinois has ever seen. The stakes are high.

Both parties have been campaigning for months and doing all they can to secure that seat. Throughout Kirk’s campaign, he has distanced himself from Donald Trump; a move which only a handful of Republican lawmakers have chosen to do.

One thing which could hurt Kirk’s re-election is his recent loss of two endorsements. Those were an LGBT advocacy group and a gun legislation organization.

It happened after Kirk’s second-to-last debate against Duckworth in Springfield. He mentioned a comment mocking Duckworth’s Thai heritage and her family’s service to the military.

Duckworth is a Congresswoman and former Army pilot. Kirk has since apologized and hopes he can gain back some votes.

Kirk has had the job since 2011. President Obama was the last Democrat elected to it. Roland Burris was appointed after the president won. The Senate seat has changed party control twelve times. 

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