WASHINGTON D.C. (WCIA) — U.S. Rep Rodney Davis (R-IL) gave his final floor speech of his decade-long congressional career Friday afternoon as Congress adjourned for holiday break.

In his speech, Davis thanked his fellow representatives on both sides of the aisle, his staff, his constituents and Capitol Police for their service. He also thanked his wife Shannon and his three kids.

“While I will no longer be a member of Congress come January, I will continue to be this institution’s biggest advocate and know that the great work will continue because of all of you,” Davis said.

He also offered some of the advice by quoting two of his favorite musicians, Lee Brice and Nickelback.

“My friend Lee Brice sings, in one of his best songs “Love Like Crazy”, Don’t outsmart your common sense.” the congressman said. “And I hope remember every time I came to a microphone here or in a committee hearing that I had 5 words come to my head, sung by one of the greatest rock bands ever, Nickelback. These five words in my head scream, “Are we having fun yet?”

One of his final votes was a break from his caucus. Davis was one of only nine Republicans who voted for the omnibus spending bill, along with fellow Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger.

He also secured funding for 15 new projects in central Illinois, the maximum number he could request.

“In 2022, I secured nearly $32 million for 25 community projects – a 100% success rate for all projects requested,” he said in a release. “These infrastructure, healthcare, workforce, and law enforcement investments will benefit Illinoisans for decades to come.”

The projects include a truck driving program for Lincoln Land Community College, bridge matienence for the Reas Bridge over Lake Decatur in Macon County, and a new radio system for the Piatt County Sheriff’s Office.

Davis has represented central Illinois for 10 years. He was the ranking member of the House Administration Committee, and also served on the Agriculture and Transportation Committees.

He has not announced any plans on what he will do after his term ends.