URBANA, Ill (WCIA) — The University of Illinois’ Veterinary College had their annual open house in Urbana on Sunday.

The event gave people a chance to get an inside look at what veterinarians and students do at the college. There were exhibits throughout, including the Basic Sciences Building, Clinical Skills Learning Center and Large Animal Clinic, where visitors could get an inside look at a cow’s stomach. For Law Dtudent Meng Yuen Yang, who walked the exhibits with his daughter, it was an immersive experience that reminded him how much kids benefit from this hands-on experience.

“It’s always amazing that little ones can learn way more than we can imagine,” Yang said. “Yeah, they learn that you don’t need to worry about giving them too complex ideas or things. They just learn it.”

Organizers said the open house was run by more than 400 students and thousands of people attend the event every year, which has been a feature at the college for decades.