CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Students at one University of Illinois dorm hall are rejoicing after the announcement that their rooms will be getting air conditioning units.

The lack of air conditioning at Allen Hall became a problem amidst sweltering heat in August. The hall is home to mostly freshmen, but for some, living and sleeping in those rooms were too much to bear during their first week of college.

They expressed their frustrations by starting a petition called “Install AC in all UIUC dorms for student well-being.” It got over 1,400 signatures.

Now, the school is finally doing something about it.

Freshman Ariel Cuatchon was one of several people who spoke out in August on the lack of cooling units in Allen Hall. She said she’s happy the school is finally doing something about it, and she’s proud that she and her fellow classmates played a part in prompting the change.

“I come from a place where our school and the city don’t really listen as often where I live,” Cuatchon said. “And to have the school listen so quickly to student voices was really surprising. And I really appreciate it because it makes me feel like I chose the right school that listens to student voices.”

Allen Hall will have air conditioning starting in Fall 2024.