CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A U of I student athlete helped save a life, while simply going about her day. She says she jumped into action when she saw first responders performing CPR on someone.

Katelynn Buescher is a senior soccer player at the University of Illinois. She was heading to an exit meeting with people at the athletic department, when she saw a police officer doing CPR on one man.

She immediately started helping when she saw a second man was not responsive either. Buescher yelled that she knew CPR and immediately started to help alongside a nurse. She did that for about 10 minutes before an ambulance was able to take the man to the hospital. Buescher says she had a heavy heart for a few days until she found out the man had lived.

“I think its kind of like a little confidence boost,” Buescher said. “You know what, I did that, there’s a whole lot more that I can do. I think its just grateful that I did have the education, I have had the opportunities to learn those things and I think if there is another situation that I’m in, hopefully not, but I know what to do.”

She encourages everyone to learn CPR because you never know when you may need it. Buescher was also honored at banquet by Champaign Fire and Police.