CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – The University of Illinois system has removed its COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements for students and faculty. They are no longer required to be fully vaccinated against the virus or test regularly.

Chancellor Robert Jones addressed the changes, stating: “I want to reiterate President Killeen’s encouragement to all members of our community to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines and the available boosters even if they are no longer required. They continue to offer protection—for yourself and those around you—against the most serious effects of COVID-19.”

Graduate student Austin Weigle said compared to the broader Urbana-Champaign campus, his community is more confined, and he’s observed lower transmissibility. But for undergraduates, he believes the requirements should remain in place.

“Considering the university – especially my department, the department of chemistry – designed the COVID test, we should kind-of be this flagship bearer of that and still provide it,” Weigle said. “I think extended hours, and also have a requirement, especially for undergrads.”

The university will continue testing at the SHIELD Illinois community site, Monday through Friday. The Illini Union testing site will remain open until February 10.

“I hope all of us continue to make personal decisions and take individual actions that maximize the safety of our community and that we all continue to respect the decisions individuals make for themselves and their families,” Jones said. “Getting vaccinated and boosted, wearing a face covering, staying home if you aren’t feeling well – these are simple things we can do to ensure that we can continue to enjoy the in-person activities we lost during the worst months of this pandemic.”