CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Haze from the Canadian wildfires has been seen across the United States, but now that outdoor air pollutant is making its way inside.

One U of I professor got a whiff of that smoke and pulled out an air quality checking device. She found a spike in indoor air pollutants.

She says people should have the same concerns about the air quality inside that they do outside, but there are extra measures they can take.

“The recommendation is always to keep the windows and doors shut to prohibit air coming from the outdoors inside. And if you have air intakes bringing from the HVAC system, for example, bring inside to shut these off or switch them to recirculation,” said Nicole Riemer, U of I professor.

She says the recent gloomy weather did bring some good news. She says the rain has been getting rid of some of the pollutants and improving indoor air quality. She expects it to only last for the next couple of days.