URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — How would you like to have a snack, and get paid to eat it? The University of Illinois may have just the deal for you.

They’re looking for participants in a study to investigate the relationship behind diet, gut health and metabolic health.

Participants will be chosen among healthy adults aged 30 to 60 years who are not taking medications that affect gastrointestinal function. Additional exclusions apply and people interested in participating are advised to contact study organizers for further details.

The study will consist of a 12-week dietary intervention period where participants will eat a provided pre-packaged snack two times per day. Snacks will be picked up from the testing site once per month. Participants will be asked to visit a lab three times during the study to complete questionnaires, DXA scans, liver ultrasounds and blood draws. Six stool samples will also be collected.

Participants will be paid $100 after the second lab visit and up to $200 upon completion of the study.

Alex Baldeon is a graduate student working on the study. He says it’s a “very simple” study – measurements are taken at the beginning, participants are given free snacks for three months, and the same measurements are taken again at the end of the study to identify any changes.

“We’re really hoping to see how something as simple as snacking – what effect that can have on our gut microbes and in certain health outcomes,” Baldeon said. “So it’s very exciting.”

Baldeon says it’s important to get your nutritional information from trusted sources. Even if you don’t plan to participate in the study, he recommends brushing up on the USDA’s current nutrition guide.

For more information about the study, people are advised to contact organizers by email, SNACKingStudy@illinois.edu, or phone at 217-300-3523.