URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — First responders in Champaign County recently took part in a cyber attack simulation to stay prepared for an actual attack should it happen.

35 participants from various agencies gathered at the University of Illinois on Tuesday to hone their emergency response skills. The simulation’s organizers said it was a great way for people with different backgrounds to learn from each other.

“Having everyone in the same room, being able to network with them and really learn from all of the different perspectives, whether it is from the health care community, whether it is from Ameren, or whether it is from law enforcement,” said Rantoul Deputy Police Chief Justin Bouse. “All of these different agencies come together. You start to put some faces with the names and really start to interact and understand what their response would be if something like this occurs within the community.”

Tuesday’s simulation started as a mock natural disaster that was followed by the cyber attack. This sequence of events meant the participants had to figure out how to communicate with limited technology.