URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — As graduations are ramping up for students around the nation, the Carle Illinois College of Medicine is celebrating a special milestone.

23 students will be the first to graduate from the college this weekend. The college is a first of its kind, not just for the university, but the industry as a whole. It combines engineering and medicine.

Stephen Boppart, Executive Associate Dean of Carle Illinois College of Medicine, said the college and the students that graduate will help revolutionize the medical industry.

“Our program is about training physician innovators and it’s really the next generation of physicians that will not only go out and practice medicine but also have the skill set to look at the problems their patients and the health care systems face,” Boppart said.

All 23 students are going into residencies at prestigious learning hospitals. Most of the students will walk at the university’s graduation ceremony and then participate in a separate convocation held by the college on Sunday.