URBABA, Ill. (WCIA) — The University of Illinois is making its Facilities and Services Department a little greener with the addition of two electric trucks to its fleet.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is a relatively new model, the first rolling off the assembly line in April. The two trucks that the U of I will receive are among the first to be delivered in the region.

“We’re proud to use and promote electric vehicles, and we are excited to continue to move toward more sustainable transportation options,” said Pete Varney, director of Transportation & Building Services.

One of the trucks will be used to move tradespeople like carpenters and plumbers to their jobsites on campus. It will also be used to move equipment, with power outlets in both the bed and cabin.

“It’ll be kind of like a ‘gopher’ vehicle to help F&S get work done on campus,” said Transportation Manager Shawn Patterson.

The other truck will be used by professionals at Abbott Power Plant to support daily plant operations. It will replace a gas-powered truck currently in use. In addition, F&S will install a charging station on Abbott property.

“We have to build the infrastructure,” Patterson said. “Thankfully, F&S has charging stations at Garage and Car Pool. We installed them about eight years ago as the Chevy Volt came into our fleet. We have to get more charging stations in other parts of campus.”

The new trucks will make their debut around campus in the fall.