Urbana, Ill. (WCIA) — You can now have a movie theater set up in your backyard. Two sisters in Urbana started a business that brings the movies to you. Its called Chambana Backyard Movies and they started it this year.

They have a 20 ft. TV, speakers and blow-up couches. There are different packages that include popcorn machines, snacks and more. One of the women got the idea after doing this for her daughter’s fifth birthday.

“This would be a really cool idea for people to rent backyard movies, we’re in a pandemic. You can have your own. You don’t have to go in public,” Chasadee Hawkins, Co-Owner of Chambana Backyard Movies, said.

“Just with being able to spend time with your family in the comfort of your home and not feeling like you have to be around other people in public or if you have smaller children and different things like that,” Shatyra Hawkins, Co-Owner of Chambana Backyard Movies, said.

The women posted about their business on Facebook three days ago. They already have events set up and say their phone has been ringing non-stop. For more information, check out the link below.