Two people found dead after crash


People on scene of crash recall details

PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA)– Mark Stevenson got a call Sunday afternoon he wasn’t expecting. “A simple recovery out of a drainage ditch. Didn’t think much about it. Got on scene, and there were all kinds of cops and ambulances and fire trucks there,” said Mark Stevenson, Owner Bull’s Custom Shop. He was asked to help pull a car out of a ditch near Paxton. Two people were dead inside. 19 year old Taylor Johnson and 28-year-old Reynaldo Hogue. The Ford County Coroner says they got a tip about the accident from a farmer on Sunday morning. “He noticed there was a car in the ditch,” said Ford County Coroner Richard Flessner.

That led to Stevenson getting called to the scene. “I hooked up to it, and got it pulled out so they could gain access to the people inside the car. Just very sad you know,” said Stevenson. Police are still investigating. Here’s what the coroner says they’ve learned. “There was extensive damage to the front end of the car. The car left the roadway and traveled and hit the south bank east of a bridge,” said Flessner. The coroner says Taylor Johnson was driving when the crash happened. Stevenson says that makes this case that much more difficult for him. “I have a daughter born on the exact same day as her. It just makes you sad you know,” said Stevenson. The coroner says the victims were not wearing seatbelts.

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