Two okay after helicopter crash

Update: 1/18/17, Wednesday, 5:52PM
SAVOY — Officials say a training helicopter that crashed at Willard Airport in Savoy on Wednesday probably can’t be salvaged. Two people were inside, an instructor and a training pilot. Officials aren’t sure who was flying when the crash happened, but they lost control while they were trying to land. The tail rotator struck the ground and caused the helicopter to skid down the runway and flip over. Both people got out okay.
Emergency crews from Willard and surrounding cities responded. 
Airport officials say while big accidents don’t happen often, something like this isn’t actually uncommon. 
“Minor accidents, we hate to say they’re normal occuerrences but we train for them all the time because hard landings, bouncing off the runway, those sorts of things tend to happen a lot — relatively, compared to normal operations,” said Gene Cossey, Executive Director at WIllard Airport.
It’s not clear yet how they lost control. 
Flights were delayed for a few minutes during the initial response, but picked up again not long after. 
Original: 1/18/17, Wednesday, 4:20PM 

SAVOY — A small helicopter made a big landing. It crashed at Willard Airport Wednesday afternoon. No one was hurt.

Both the instructor and student pilot got out okay. It’s not clear who was flying at the time of the crash.

Airport officials say a small training helicopter was preparing to land on a training runway. As it was landing, they lost control, the tail rotator struck the ground, the helicopter skilled and flipped.

Officials say, in a situation like this, a quick response is crucial. Authorities say the craft was never in danger of catching fire.

The helicopter is owned by a private company, separate from Willard, UI or Parkland. The name is not currently being released.

Officials say the Flight Standards District Office is gathering information to conduct and investigation. No word how long it will take.

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