CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — University of Illinois Police officers are investigating a car theft near campus just 30 hours after another car was stolen in their jurisdiction.

The latest theft happened early Thursday morning in the area of Green and Second Streets. Police officials said that just after 1:30 a.m., the victim went into a restaurant to pick up a food order while leaving their car unlocked and running. When the victim exited the restaurant, their car was gone.

Thursday’s theft follows another theft that happened on Green Street Tuesday night. That theft also happened when the car’s owner left it unlocked and running while picking up a food order.

Leaving key fobs inside a car is mentioned by the National Insurance Crime Bureau to be a major reason behind a nationwide increase in car thefts. The NICB said people should make sure to lock their vehicle and take the key or fob to prevent theft. They further advised people to park in well-lit areas and, if possible, in a garage.