Two arrested after teenagers overdose on drugs


TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The Taylorville Police Chief said two people were arrested after two teenagers overdosed on a drug called “The Hulk.” Now, the mother of one of those teenagers is speaking out.

Chief Dwayne Wheeler said a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old had an overdose in the past week from the drug. He said it was Xanax mixed with what they learned could have been Fentanyl. He said both teenagers survived.

Wheeler said after searching through social media accounts and speaking to several people that were friends of the teenagers, they were able to find the source of the drugs. After getting a search warrant and executing it on Wednesday, they were able to find the drugs and other delivery paraphernalia and arrest 18-year-old Louis Sullivan III and 20-year-old Carissa Hodge. They were charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

The chief said after Sullivan and Hodge were told about the teenagers’ overdoses, they did not show remorse. He continued to say law enforcement are tired of drugs in their communities and want to work with residents to fix this issue.

The police department launched a Safe Passage program that helps people with addiction get the help they need. The mother of one of the teenagers that overdosed said her child is now going through that program to get help.

While she wanted to remain anonymous, she also wanted to make sure that parents are not embarrassed to come forward. She said children can come from a wonderful family and still have things like this happen because “they do it right under your nose.” Wheeling echoed that same statement and said parents should reach out to officers if they see their child is not acting right.

The mother said she knew her child was involved in drugs like marijuana.When her child overdosed, they told her they were also going to drug dealers for Xanax and had done so several times. However, this time around they thought it was Xanax that was just a different color, but they ended up not knowing exactly what was in it.

Now, she is speaking out and telling parents to check on their children. She said looking back, there were things that could have tipped her off that something was not right. If they are not letting you see their social media platforms or their phones and getting irritable, she said that’s a sign they are hiding something and you need to address it. She said to you need let them get mad because you need to be a parent, not a friend. “They might be mad at you right now, but they will thank you later.” She continued to say her child is a wonderful and great person and she is glad that he has agreed to get clean and seek additional help.

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