CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Two people were arrested on the University of Illinois campus on Thursday after UIPD officials said they attacked another person on the sidewalk and resisted officers as they were arrested.

Officials said Drew Knight and Zachary Overman, both 29, were arrested after officers saw them standing over another man in the area of Sixth and John Street. Police determined from security camera footage that one of them held the victim in a chokehold as the other hit him several times.

Officers had originally been called to that location for a report of people using fire extinguishers at a parking garage and then throwing the extinguishers off the top level.

When the responding officers intervened, officials said Knight and Overman became aggressive toward them. Knight threatened to kill the officers and other people in the area; due to his resistance and repeated threats, officers used a taser to subdue him. Overman also resisted officers as they attempted to handcuff him; even after being handcuffed, he continued to resist and spat on the officers and medical personnel who treated him for a laceration.

Several officers received minor lacerations during the struggle with Knight and Overman but were not seriously hurt.

Officials said the victim was acquainted with both Knight and Overman and was with them prior to the assault; he was taken to an area hospital due to his level of intoxication. All three men were found to have been previously issued no-trespassing notices for university property due to prior illegal activity in the area.

Knight and Overman were both arrested on preliminary charges of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and resisting a police officer.