CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) – Before heading to bed Monday Night, residents in Central Illinois should set their alarms early to wake up for the lunar eclipse.

That’s because it’s the last lunar eclipse for the next three years. And it looks to put on a good show.

The full moon tonight is a beaver moon. This name comes from when hunters and trappers knew to set traps before the swamps froze to ensure a good supply of fur for the winter.

It is also a blood moon, as the earth’s shadow will give it a more orangey-copper hue.

That means tonight’s lunar eclipse is a Full Beaver Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

In addition, this is the first ever total lunar eclipse to coincide with an election day in the United States.

To see the full eclipse, you can view it anytime between 4:17a and 5:42a. The maximum peak eclipse happens at 4:59a. Look towards the western horizon as the moon sets.

The good news is for Central Illinois, while clouds are increasing overnight, they do appear to depart to the east by early tomorrow. It’ll be a close call, but we think we’ll have a good shot at seeing it with a mostly clear sky, especially from 5a on.

Remember, the sun rises at 6:30a, so if you want the darkest view of it, you’ll want to peek at it during the 4a hour. But you’ll still have a good view of it as it falls below the horizon at 6:39a.