Troubled village reaches quorum


ATWOOD, Ill. (WCIA) — The village is back on track after a fiery resignation from the village president and two other trustees.

This past week, village employees weren’t paid and village business came to a halt.

That all came to an end Tuesday night, when the village board reached quorum, and started planning for its new era.

Tensions between village leaders started heating up this summer. Here’s a breakdown:

  • June: Atwood Police Chief Rob Bross was accused of misconduct for the way he handled some specific cases.
  • July: “Then” Atwood village president Brodie Farrar installed video cameras in the police department…but police say they didn’t know they could record audio
  • August: Chief Bross filed a complaint (now in the hands of Douglas and Piatt County State’s Attorneys) accusing Farrar of eavesdropping and obstruction of justice
  • September: Farrar’s fiery resignation, along with his wife’s, and a third trustee

At that meeting where the resignations were announced, one of the remaining board members didn’t show, which led to no quorum. No quorum meant no bills were paid for a week, and no pay checks were written for village employees.

“There’s pretty high tensions within the community alone and especially on social media,” said Atwood resident Brad Dehart, who’s noticed a big change around town ever since the resignations.

A lot was at stake at Tuesday’s meeting.

“It’s been kinda rough getting through everything and then of course with them resigning on Monday night…with no quorum…there’s people that want pay checks,” said trustee Marion Erwin.

Erwin says now he’s breathing a sigh of relief.

All four of the remaining board members took their seats. A new trustee was appointed, along with a new acting mayor.

Erwin says he hopes all this means a new era for the village of Atwood.

“Some of the people that we have talked to and everything else are willing to step forward and do the best they can, and work with us and everything…So I think it’s going to be great,” said Erwin.

The state’s attorney’s offices are investigating the complaints against Farrar.

They will decide whether or not Farrar will be charged with eavesdropping, obstruction of justice, and/or official misconduct.

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