Travelers warned to be careful about Zika virus


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS — Spring break is almost here and many people are ready to get out of town. Leaders at the University of Illinois say people should be careful if they plan to leave the country. This is all because of the Zika virus. They’re not telling people to cancel their plans, but university leaders say it’s important to be informed.

The CDC already issued a travel alert to places known to have the Zika virus, like parts of Central and South America. Campus leaders say travelers should be careful and do what they can to minimize mosquito bites. Zika has been linked to birth defects, so the CDC is especially warning pregnant women about traveling to those areas. Students say they appreciate the heads up.

“I think it’s very important for people to know about what’s going on in the world,” said Colleen Murphy, who is a freshman. “Especially if you’re traveling to places where this can be contracted, people should be aware and take the precautions that are necessary to remain safe.”

“No one wants to go on holiday and get sick,” said Zeinap Barry, who is a Junior. “That’s awful. It’ll just ruin the whole trip for you. I suppose I’ll take some bug repellant.”

Students who are worried about getting the virus can contact the McKinley Health Center.

For more information about the virus and other places it’s popping up, click here.

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