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Student not able to return to campus because of travel restrictions

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– A student from U of I is studying thousands of miles away because of travel restrictions. Presidential proclamations have put restrictions on the entry of certain travelers into the US. The CDC says it is being done in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

A U of I student says she hasn’t been able to return to campus. A presidential proclamation was issued for Brazil. Brazil is one of several countries under similar restrictions. It restricts entry of travelers into the United States who have been in some countries during the past 14 days. There are exceptions that will allow some people to enter. I spoke to a U of I student who is home in Brazil but wants to get back to the US for school. “For me education should be considered as essential travel because we are not going to the US for fun or tourism because it’s not time for that. We are in a pandemic. We are going there, to the US, because we have something to do there,” said Graduate Student Flavia Batista Da Silva.

U of I sent a statement. It says “Wherever our students are starting their semester, we are committed to ensuring that they have the transformational educational experience that we promise here at Illinois and continue to support them through virtual services and programming.” Batista Da Silva says she could have a way to get back to campus if she traveled to another country and stayed there for 14 days before returning to the US. However, that trip would be expensive.

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