SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — As a new week arrives, Springfield Mayor James Langfelder has announced a series of closures due to construction that may affect traffic in the city this week. Some of these closures begin this week while others continue from last week.

Southbound 5th street will remain reduced to three lanes between Broad Place and Iles Avenue. Starting on Monday, a water main replacement will close the east lanes between Iles and Bryn Mawr Boulevard. That replacement is expected to last several days and will be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather. The lanes will reopen when surface repairs are complete.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Interurban Avenue will close between Donna Street and Dirksen Parkway to accommodate work being performed by Ameren. People with property along this stretch of Interurban will be allowed to access their property by way of Donna, but not from Dirksen.

Hilltop Road between Rochester Road and Alder Wood Drive will remain closed until Wednesday. On Thursday, the closure on Hilltop will shift to between Alder Wood and Buckeye Drive.

Several other closures continuing from last week include:

  • Northbound 6th Street between Broad and Wellesley Avenue reduced to three lanes of traffic
  • Parking lanes and sidewalks along Washington and 4th Streets due to structure demolition
  • Intermittent closures at the underpass on South Grand Avenue between 9th and 11th Streets
  • The westbound lanes of the East Cook Street underpass between 9th and 11th due to water main relocation
  • Churchill Road south of Jefferson Street to replace a bridge over the Jacksonville Branch
  • Inlet and manhole adjustments on Chatham Road

Asphalt patching will take place on the following roads and in the following neighborhoods:

  • Archer Elevator Road (between 380 feet south and 150 feet north of Southwoods Road)
  • Chandlerwood
  • Crane Drive
  • Crescent Court
  • Fernwood Drive
  • Glengate Drive
  • Greenbriar Drive (between Meadowbrook Road and West Road Drive)
  • Happy Landing Drive
  • Iles Avenue (between Haverford and Chatham Roads)
  • Ladera Drive
  • Meadowbrook Road (between Greenbriar Drive and Surry Place lane)
  • Ravenswood
  • Southwoods Road

Concrete work will also take place on the following roads:

  • Ash Street (between 10th and 15th Streets)
  • 15th Street (between Laurel and Ash Streets)
  • Seacroft Road
  • Southport Lane
  • Wentworth Drive
  • Taylor Avenue (between Cornell and Stanford Avenues)

In addition, City Water, Light and Power will be trimming trees in the following areas:

  • Bruns Lane to Emporia Avenue between Horseshoe Drive and Heather Hill
  • Myrtle Street to Prospect Avenue between 1st Street and State Street
  • Iles Avenue to Wabash Avenue between Chatham Road and Thayer Avenue