DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The City Engineer of Danville is asking for people to be patient with a railroad project happening in the city and expect anything at a railroad crossing between now and winter.

Norfolk Southern is in the process of laying new rails throughout the city at several railroad crossings. Those crossings are located on:

  • Voorhees Street
  • Pries Street
  • Bowman Avenue
  • Martin Street
  • Williams Street
  • Van Buren Street
  • Main Street/Route 136
  • South Street
  • 3rd Street

City Engineer Sam Cole explained what is happening at the City Council meeting on Monday.

“Right now, they are in the process of putting in new rails,” Cole said. “They’ve been cutting those in and those are kind of laying in place as a temporary measure; and they will be coming back to do the permanent install yet this fall.

Cole added that Norfolk Southern is hopeful that they will finish this project before snow starts to fall.

“They definitely don’t want to leave the rails in the rock, and things in that kind of condition when we’re plowing snow,” Cole said.

Cole advised people to allow for extra time should a trip require passage across railroad tracks.