SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA0– The city of Springfield announced several road closures due to construction.

Starting Monday, August 8, the city begins a plethora of work.

Listed below are the areas of work:

  • Asphalt paving: Illes (Haverford to Chatham), Lindsay Road (Bellerive-Golf), Monroe Street (Walnut-Lewis), Walnut Street (Capitol-Monroe

  • Bituminous Mastic Repairs: Asheville Drive, Biltmore Drive, Dante Drive, DaVinci Drive, Elle Court, Johanne Court, Leah Drive, Longfellow Drive, Knoxville Drive, MacArthur Boulevard (Recreation Drive-Junction Circle), Maggie Lane, Marryat Drive, Thrasher Drive, Verona Drive

  • Concrete Work: 2nd Street (Ash-Laurel), Laurel Street (MacArthur-Lowell), LeLand Avenue (Illini-Noble), Oak Street (UPPR-4th), Park Avenue (Denison-North End)

  • Concrete Patching: Edwards Street (MacArthur-College)

  • Sidewalk Program: 14th Street (Madison- Reynolds), 19th Street (North Grand-Cincinnati), David Street (Clearlake-Monroe), Indian Grass Lane, Lewis Street (Capitol-Monroe), Martin Luther King Drive (Clearlake-Capitol), Meridian Street (Reynolds-Mason

  • Sidewalk Repairs: 2739 Clearlake Avenue, 1130 West Cook Street, 100 East Edwards Street, 3119 Elmhurst Drive, Lismore and Lawrence, 2520 South Whittier, Williams Boulevard and MacArthur Boulevard

  • Curb repairs: 2061 West Monroe, 2412 Tamaroa Trail, 527 Williams Street

  • Alley Repairs: 4th to 5th Street from Bryn Mawr to Stanford, 5th-6th Street from Cornell to Broad, 8th to 9th Street from Spruce to Laurel, 11th to 13th Street from North Grand to Reservoir, Indian to Ohio from North Grand to Cincinnati, Rosehill to Feldkamp from Governor to Edwards

Other On-going work:

  • Hilltop Road closed to traffic between Buckeye Drive and Destiny Drive, Intersections of White Timber, Burr Oak, and Oakwood are closed at Hilltop