Tradition held virtually


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– For some students Quad Day is one of their first introductions to campus life. “It happens as part of our fall orientation welcome day experience to hopefully allow students to engage with different co-curricular experiences, opportunities like student clubs and organizations as well as departments and colleges you may want to participate,” said Gina Lee-Olukoya, Director of Student Engagement at the University of Illinois. “You’re on campus. You’re in the middle of the crowd, and there’s so many interesting members,” said student Stefan Kamzol. “If someone had to say to me, Dr.G can you guess how many folks were at Quad Day? I’d probably say north of 5,000 people could have been out on the Quad,” said Lee-Olukoya.

However, this year the event was much different. It was held online. Each of the days had about 2000 participants virtually. Stefan Kamzol is the president of a student organization that participated. “We definitely got less people than last year,” said Kamzol,”Hopefully they connected with us well, and they come back.” Organizers say despite less participants, overall it was a success. “It was a good effort by our team to reimagine what Quad Day could be in a virtual world,” said Lee-Olukoya.

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