Topping Off the Tank: Visiting the Allerton Mansion


The Allerton Mansion is tucked away in Piatt County, and when you walk through the doors, it’ll take you back in time with all the modern-day amenities one would ever need for an ultimate weekend of relaxation.

“Our hotel is open right now. That’s the one thing that has gone well for us this season,” Allerton Park Retreat Center Manager, Jordan Zech, said.

Zech is reminding people they’re open, and she was somewhat relieved that the pandemic allowed them time to focus on renovating parts of the mansion like the Butternut Room and even Robert Allerton’s bedroom.

“When we’re in a space like this, where it’s an historic building, we have to be very careful with those upgrades that we do,” Zech said.

Robert Henry Allerton was a well-known artist and philanthropist. He was born in Chicago and came to central Illinois after deciding to become a farmer.

The iconic mansion has been in place since 1900, and it now serves as a hotel and event center.

“I still just encourage people to come out every season. Spring and fall are definitely the most popular, but winter is just quiet and nice… especially when it’s snow-covered, it’s just really pretty,” Zech said.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the hotel has only been open to guests, but organizers say they’re looking forward to reopening for events up to at least 50 people for the time being.

“People usually want to stay here in the mansion, but because of those private events, people often can’t. So, we’ve been able to open up this building specifically to the public, a lot more than we’re usually able to,” Zech said.

Zech says they’re planning to bring back their concert series, and that includes workshops, guided hikes and even yoga.

She says people keep coming back, because they always fall in love with their first impression.

“It’s interesting, because it’s always different. People will come just to explore the grounds. They’ll hike, picnic with they’re family… Everyone finds something different, and that’s what’s so great about it,” Zech said.

If you’d like to book your reservation or learn more about Allerton Park or the iconic mansion, you can click here.

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