Topping Off the Tank: Danville Arcade Escape Rooms


If you’re looking to take a trip back in time, and you don’t have a cool DeLorean like Doc Brown or Marty McFly from Back to the Future, don’t worry!

Adventure Arcade Escape Rooms in Danville has you covered with an 80’s vibe that’s really fun for most ages. Owner Andrew Dudich says he’s proud of the community’s newest attraction.

Dudich explains how to make it through, “and, there’s this amazing concert coming up that you just have to go to. Everyone’s going to be there, but mom decided to ground you at the worst time possible.”

Dudich and co-owner Rachael Anderson are even able to watch through surveillance video to walk people through some of the clues if they get stuck.

“As soon as they open the door, it’s like they’re stepping back in time,” Anderson said.

Every prop in this escape room has a purpose. All you have to do is find the key, undo the lock, step on through, and you’re all done.

“Most people complete ours. There’s a few that don’t. We really try to help them along,” Dudich said.

The 80’s Room was unveiled at the end of January, and it’s already getting attention from people who live out-of-state. Both owners are even planning an expansion with more rooms, and they’re retrofitting an old ambulance into an escape room that they can take to events.

“A lot of people are sometimes down on the area, and they feel like there’s nothing to do. So, we wanted to respond to that and provide an alternative thing for people to do that’s unplugged and social,” Dudich said.

“And, that’s exactly what we wanted to nail, was just ‘get away from it, escape.’ Not just from the room, but from Danville and really immerse yourself into the experience,” Anderson said.

Dudich says they’re planning to build a couple more escape rooms with a speak easy theme and an underwater adventure.

If you’d like to learn more about the Danville Adventure Arcade Escape Rooms, you can click here.

They also have a following on Facebook.

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