Topping Off the Tank: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum


Springfield, Ill (WCIA) — As students spend more time in online classrooms, there’s a great opportunity to put down your devices and experience history in person.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum helps history come alive with evolving exhibits and real-life actors.

Children who visit the museum say it’s a truly eye-opening experience.

“You see the kids’ eyes get big. It really grabs them. It really puts our children in history, and that’s what it’s really all about,” Guest Services Manager, Clare Thorpe, said.

Thorpe is reminding families what the museum has to offer.

“Even if you’ve visited the museum before, the one thing I hear over and over if you come back for second or third visit is that is ‘Wow, did you change that exhibit out? Or, did you do this?’ That’s because there’s so much information here that every visit is like a new visit. You’re going to learn something new or experience something new that you didn’t before,” Thorpe said.

The Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum takes you from his boyhood home in Indiana, all the way up to his final years in Washington, D.C. leading the nation. It brings you decades of history under one roof in just a few short steps.

“There’s mostly just a bunch of things, like when John Wilkes Booth was sneaking into the theater and all the videos and stuff and where they attacked, and there’s just a lot of that stuff I didn’t know about,” Emmett Roedel from Vandalia said.

Students like Emmett says the life-life presentations and exhibits make it really difficult to name their favorite part about the museum.

“Because, there are a lot of really cool things in there that I’ve barely seen, and I just want to know more about it,” Emmett said.

“It’s really interesting to see that A-HA moment. Right? When kids come out, and they’re like ‘Wow!’ They see history come alive,” Thorpe said.

Walking through President Lincoln’s younger years, experiencing what he did to end slavery, and even feeling the emotion of what it was like to lead the nation gives visitors of all ages a uniform message.

“Why don’t you go check out the Illinois Lincoln Museum? Because, it’s really cool,” Emmett said.

Organizers say they’re offering specials for students this year if you or your class would like to attend.

They’re also unveiling a new exhibit in a couple months that’ll feature Illinois music.

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