Toddler dies, parents in custody


Latest: 6:15 pm, 9/01/16, Thursday

DECATUR — A little girl was killed and police say her parents are responsible.

Authorities say her father admitted hitting her with a belt so many times he lost count. Both parents, Darrell Reynolds and Dalvon Taylor, are in custody for the death.

Police say the mother knew about the abuse for two years and never reported it. She says Reynolds was also abusing her.

4-year old Amarrah Reynolds died from hemorrhages to the brain and blunt force trauma. Police say her father beat her arms, legs and body with a belt. He beat her until she fell over and hit her head on a TV.

They say he brought her to the hospital unresponsive covered in bruises and scabs. After questioning, he admitted “he knew it was abuse and he was sorry.”

He also said she had been acting up and putting her in time-out was not working. Volunteers for CASA say each story is hard to hear.

When Reynolds was at the police department he attempted to kill himself. Police say he put a bag over his head. Officers went in and removed the bag.

Reynolds is charged with reckless homicide; Taylor is charged with endangerment of child that caused death. They were both in court earlier Thursday.  

Update: 12:00 pm, 9/01/16, Thursday

DECATUR — Officials released the names of two people charged in the death of a 4-year old.

29-year old Darrell Reynolds was arrested on charges of murder and 26-year old Dalvon Taylor is in jail for endangering the life of a child. 

Original: 10:00 pm, 8/31/16, Wednesday  

DECATUR — Police are investigating the death of a toddler.

Officers say they were called to the hospital around 3 pm where a 4-year old girl was being treated for life-threatening injuries. The toddler later died.

Police say during their investigation, they found the injuries were not accidental.

They arrested the 29-year old father on the preliminary charge of murder. The 26-year old mother is charged with felony endangering the life or health of a child. 

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