Tips to keep your electric bill down but still keep you cool


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — If you’re looking to get your air conditioning unit fixed in your home or car you might be waiting a while. Many places in Champaign say they’re booked and some say they don’t have enough employees.

Across the country states are experiencing record breaking heat. It started out west and is now making it’s way to us in Central Illinois.

“We only have a few more days before summer starts but already we have had some sweltering days these last few weeks,” Stephanie Robinson with Ameren Illinois said.

Robinson gave us tips on how you can keep you and your home cool, while also making sure you don’t break the bank.

She said there are simple things you can do to help like keeping the blinds and shades on your window closed.

“Because if they’re open and it’s sweltering outside you’re letting that heat come in your window,” she said.

She said to concentrate your air conditioning. If you have spare bedrooms or a basement to close the vents in those rooms. Robinson said if someone isn’t using them on a daily basis you can save money by not cooling those areas.

She also said you can save money by not cooling an empty house. She said if you’re gone, turn your thermostat up to 85 or 90 degrees.

“You want to be able to enjoy that cool when you are there, ” she said.

There are other long-term things you can do to help cut your costs. Robinson said making sure walls and attics have proper insulation will help keep things cool. And make sure you seal any cracks in doorways or windows. That way you aren’t letting any hot air in or letting your cool air out.

“Whenever you can take these steps and use these tips and tricks let them kick in immediately right now. it’s never too late to save on energy costs,” Robinson said.

We reached out to 10 different heating and air conditioning companies in Champaign. Almost every single one told us they were seeing a lot of people calling to get A/C units fixed. Most of them told us they were booked out for at least a couple of weeks.

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