Tips to keep plants alive during freezing temps


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s fall, but feeling more like winter this week as temperatures dip near freezing. Our first killing freeze is right around the corner, but what does that mean for your plants?

Shane Cultra is an owner at Country Arbors Nursery in Urbana. He has multiple tips on how to keep your plants alive during the cold.

He says first, know what type of plant you have and if it can handle the cold. For some outdoor plants you don’t want to bring inside yet, he recommends putting a blanket on them and not plastic. He also says to add a blanket of mulch. He has some different tips for plants you bring back inside so you don’t bring bugs with them.

“I like to throw them in the shower and just wash them off because I don’t use chemicals,” Cultra said. “I can just put it in the shower and keep the showering running and that washes it off, or if you want you can use an insecticide that’s systemic you can actually put that in the plant and it kind of kills the bug before it comes in, really a good cleaning outside makes it a lot easier before bringing it inside.”

He says the cold can kill certain plants if they are not made for winter. He also says if you can’t bring the plants in the house, you can always bring them into a garage.

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