Tiny black biting bugs pester people


CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA) — If you’ve been bitten by tiny black bugs lately, you’re not alone.

Many have said they seen and felt them within minutes of stepping outside. One person said they were covered in them after doing yard work.

The black bugs, which could be no-see-ums or minute pirate bugs, bite and leave itchy, red bumps. One person who’s had to fend them off said he was surprised something so small could be such a pest.

“I guess they call them no-see-ums because they’re so small and so I didn’t know what it was,” said Tony Johnston from Champaign. “I didn’t know if I was bit by spiders or mosquitoes and then when I finally saw the tiny little bug, I was really surprised.”

They shouldn’t be around much longer though. Entomologists said the cooler weather over the next week should get rid of them.

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