Three people assist police officer with pulling driver away from burning wreck


MATTOON, Ill. (WCIA) — The Mattoon Police Department is commending three people who helped one of their officers drag a driver from a fiery car crash Sunday.

A Facebook post says MPD Officer Adam Jenkins — also working part-time as a police officer for Lakeland College — responded to the crash early Sunday morning. It happened on I-57 near the Route 45 exit ramp.

MPD says Jenkins found a truck in a ditch that was fully engulfed in flames. As he tried getting to the vehicle, three people approached him to help out.

The post says they eventually located the driver, who was lying on the ground right next to the burning truck. The three people then helped Officer Jenkins drag the driver away from the wreck scene.

MPD says the group of civilians then searched the surrounding area for other occupants — continuing to put themselves in harms way.

“In a time where everything appears to be dark and gloomy, these three individuals sure brighten it up,” says the Facebook post. “Three individuals from different parts of the country coming together to help someone in need.”

They were identified as Sidney Shephard, of Georgia; Korine Tatroe, of Illinois; and Predrag Pavlovic, of Tennessee.

“We hope this message finds you and your family/friends.  You are amazing individuals!”

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