CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The Illinois Department of Transportation is asking for the public’s help in keeping Illinois’ highways clean.

IDOT knows that warmer weather leads to more windows being rolled down, which tempts people to throw their trash out the window. They want people to “think before they throw.”

Last year, IDOT spend more than $41 million cleaning up litter around the state, money that could’ve gone to other projects if people had stopped littering.

“That’s an incredible amount of money,” said Paul Wappel, IDOT Public Information Officer. “The equivalent of that, that could replace or resurface 21 miles of four lanes of interstate or we could purchase 261 new maintenance trucks that plow snow in the winter.”

Wappel said that not only is litter an eyesore, but it can also kill plants and animals in the area. People who litter could face a fine of $1500 or community service cleaning up the stretch of road where they littered.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to help clean litter can “Adopt-A-Highway.”