“They don’t call. They just no-show.” Business owner says people aren’t showing up for interviews


MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s been tough for businesses to find workers, but one business owner says finding people who are interested isn’t the issue. It’s that no one shows up for their interview.

It was about three weeks ago when business owner Jennifer Wagner noticed a trend.

“Getting people to come back to work and to also just interview,” said Wagner. “That’s the biggest thing I’ve been struggling with lately.”

Wagner owns two businesses in Mahomet – En Route Fashion Boutique and Whisk Coffee and Wine Bar. She’s hiring for both of them and she thought she was on track to fill those positions but in the span of a week and a half, seven people didn’t show up to scheduled interviews.

“They don’t call, they just no-show,” said Wagner. “So we’ve taken you know about an hour out of my day to prepare for the interview.”

These no-shows have created a snowball effect. Wagner has had to have her 13-year-old son help out and it’s a struggle to schedule her current employees when they want time off.

“The employees that we have are working super super hard just to get done what they need to do for the day juts because they don’t have enough to get on the schedule,” said Wagner. “Then, when they want to take vacation time, cause now people are traveling, we’re trying to get back to normal and they don’t have anyone to fill in for them.”

Wagner says the pandemic isn’t just impacting staffing shortages.

She’s also struggling to receive orders from distributors on time.

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