DECATUR, Ill., (WCIA) — “Around 19% of domestic violence incidents involve a weapon of some kind. It could be a knife or a gun,” Kelsey Probber, a domestic violence program director at Dove Inc. said.

Decatur Police said a situation like that unfolded on Thursday morning. Now, they’re releasing more details about the man they suspect is behind it.

Around 4 a.m. on Thursday, Shane Brandel, Decatur’s Police Chief, said they got a call about a domestic violence situation. It happened at North Warren and East Orchard streets. Police said the caller told them a man was threatening a child with a knife.

Brandel later confirmed that the caller was the child’s dad.

When officers responded to the scene, they found the mother and Steven Hirstein, 43. Brandel said Hirstein is her boyfriend and the suspect.

“You’re dealing in incidents with raw emotion and just about as strong of an emotion that you can get is interjected into those types of incidents,” Brandel said. “They can become violent very quick.”

Brandel explained more details about the call.

“Indicating that the adult male and female residents were involved in a fight and that the male suspect, in this case, had threatened a juvenile with a knife,” Brandel added.

He said the child wasn’t at the scene, but the woman who was hurt was there.

“They discovered that the female had stab and slash wounds on her body,” Brandel said.

Officers then found Hirstein in the bathroom. They believed he had a knife.

“The officers gave multiple commands for Hirstein to show them his hands and to come out of the bathroom,” Brandel said. “As the officers tried to get Hirstein to surrender, he charged at the officers while armed with a knife.”

That’s when two officers, who aren’t being named, fired at Hirstein several times.

“Hirstein was shot in both his hands and his right arm, just above the elbow,” Brandel added.

Hirstein was taken to the hospital and police said his injuries are not life-threatening. Neither are the woman’s.

Probber helps people who have gone through situations like this one.

“Abusers condition a survivor to believe that they deserve what they’re experiencing,” she said.

It can be emotional and oftentimes happens behind closed doors. She said 1 in 4 women experience it in their lifetimes, and 1 in 9 men.

“We probably all know someone who is currently experiencing domestic violence,” Probber added. “It’s really important for our community to be able to support those survivors and encourage them to leave.”

Decatur police said when Hirstein is out of the hospital, he’ll be arrested for attempted murder, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. Police said he’s been wanted in the past for similar charges in different situations as well.

Brandel said the department plans to release body camera footage in the future. In the meantime, the officers involved are on paid administrative leave.

The one involved is an 8-year veteran of the department, and the other one recently completed his first year as a police officer.

This is still an active investigation. If you know anything or have video, contact state police at 815-844-1500.