MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — Monticello’s sales tax is increasing by 1%, but not across the whole city. So, an extra quarter on a $25 bill.

The plan is to use the money to make improvements to the district and bring some changes to other areas.    

“We wanted to do something that would create some additional funds for not just the public side but also foster some development and reinvestment from the private side,” said Callie Mcfarland, the Community Development Director.

Three years ago, Monticello decided to give its downtown area some extra attention by creating a business district. It came with a one percent sales tax increase on some purchases.

“It’s not on your everyday groceries. It’s not on title vehicles. It’s not on pharmaceuticals,” said McFarland.

Mcfarland said the money raised through that tax increase has helped the area. Now they want to spread some of that wealth to the historic residential side as well by increasing the sales tax again.

“Something that kind of just adds to the ambiance, makes it a better place that people want to visit, and just bolsters our opinion that we’re proud of these areas,” said McFarland.

Mcfarland said most people won’t notice the increase because it’s small.

But business owners I spoke with said the increase doesn’t look so small on bigger purchases. They’re concerned they’ll lose customers. Mcfarland says that based on what she’s seen over the last three years, it might bring more people in.