Central Illinois (WCIA) – Are you traveling for the long holiday weekend ahead? We’ve got you covered. Use this page to stay up-to-date with the latest information ahead.


Here’s a look at FutureTrack for the next 36 hours to help you plan on what, if any precipitation is in the picture.

Look at how impacts might be locally whether driving or flying from a local airport.

Flying? Use these buttons to check local and regional airports for any delays and updates.


Use the maps below to take a look at how regional and national conditions will change based on time of day. These maps will update and provide forecasts 4 days out.


Take a look at the US Travel Forecast per day in the region.

Stay connected with the forecast anytime, anywhere by downloading the WCIA 3 Weather App. Whether you are flying or driving, our app will follow your location and keep you updated of changing weather conditions.