Tense village board meeting


LONGVIEW, Ill. (WCIA) — People packed the room at a village board meeting in response to ongoing windfarm construction.

The windfarm is being built in Douglas County, but includes roughly a mile’s worth of construction in Longview, which is in Champaign County.

People showed up at the board meeting anticipating a discussion during public comments about whether or not to push back against windfarm construction. One trustee, anticipating a long meeting, motioned to push public comments to the end of the special meeting, ultimately getting enough support from the rest of the board to do so. At that point, no one spoke on either side regarding the windfarms.

Prior to the meeting, Michael Holmes said he was concerned about the possibility of bringing windfarms to the region.

“These aren’t little tinker toys sitting out in a cornfield, a cute little windmill next to a barn,” he said. “These are massive industrial behemoths that affect people’s quality of life out here in the country.”

Holmes supports a lawsuit in Douglas County that some trustees in Longview have opted to support.

The windfarm construction is expected to wrap up later in 2019.

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