Tenants angry after curb blocks in cars


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — People at one apartment complex have a parking lot for their cars, but the problem is they don’t have a driveway to get out. Two buildings on Karen Court used to share a driveway, until the landlord for one put up a curb, blocking off access. Now, tenants say they want something done.

“Right now, it seems as though he’s just throwing a tantrum all over this neighborhood because one person didn’t give him what he wanted,” Danyse Robinson, tenant at Karen Court, said.

Tenants in Champaign are upset after a curb was installed behind their cars. Danyse Robinson says her car was damaged during the process and the cars had to be lifted out of the parking lot because the curb was so high.

“Unbelievable. I was like what the heck I have to be at a conference tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., I guess I’m calling an Uber,” Robinson said.

The driveway belongs to Ramshaw Real Estate, but it accesses two parking lots: One for Vortex Property group and the other for Ramshaw Real Estate.

“Its really what has torched me the most is that they just didn’t care who they affected with you know,” Jim Sadler, tenant, said.

Jay Ramshaw says he has been trying to get Randy Cooper, with Vortex Property Group, to split the cost of repairs for the driveway since 2017. Ramshaw said he asked Cooper several times to pay, but that didn’t happen. So Ramshaw fixed his side of the lot and driveway, but put up a curb blocking in tenant’s cars at Vortex Property Group’s apartment complex.

“Somehow I got drug into the middle of this, when I didn’t, don’t even know the man. Never met him. Certainly don’t like him now,” Sadler said.

They say cars are overflowing onto the street because people have no where to park since the lot is blocked. Tenants also say emergency vehicles may have trouble getting to the back side of the building. Jim Sadler says his car is still stuck in the lot.

“He knows what he did out here was wrong and I think he should be removing it immediately,” Sadler said.

While the two landlords are coming to an agreement, its the tenants who say they’re the ones hurt from this.

“This is a morale obligation at this point, you know. There’s no reason for him to be able to do that to just some random citizen just because he felt like it,” Sadler said.

I reached out to the county and they are looking into it. Randy Cooper said the curb has caused harm to the tenants and affected them all, but didn’t comment about not originally paying for repairs. Ramshaw says they have come to an agreement and that the curb will be removed.

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