CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – A destructive video challenge has been circulating TikTok since last fall, but Champaign police say it just landed on our doorsteps.

They have an urgent warning for parents after police responded to a call about a kid kicking in someone’s door. Authorities say a viral social media trend is to blame.

One Champaign mother said it’s not the first time kids have caused trouble at night, and it’s terrifying. But, it’s the first time they threatened the safety of her own sons.

“These TikTok trends – they’re dangerous. And they’re not funny. Unfortunately, they’re going to get someone hurt,” Kailyn Dennemann said.

Teens are going door-to-door and kicking them down for likes.

“I don’t want anyone to be in trouble. But they need an understanding that this will never be okay,” she said.

It happened to her Thursday night. Dennemann’s kids were at home when she got a call at work about the incident. She said that moment was…

“Terrifying. Terrifying. It was more for my kids – how they were going to perceive it because my oldest one was completely shaken up. My youngest was being tough about it.”

She rushed home to find the door hanging off its hinges and deadbolt kicked off. Luckily, her sons are safe, but she worries for the mothers who have to hear that their children are kicking down doors.

“I would be devastated if my sons were to do that to somebody. It would be an even more devastating phone call if something were to happen to them as a result of a prank,” she said.

Champaign police say several doors in the area were kicked in that night. Another mom in the neighborhood says she was shocked to hear about it the next day.

“Usually this side of the neighborhood is pretty quiet, so it’s pretty surprising to me to hear anything like that,” Alexis Aragon said. “I have an 18-month-old child so if someone were to kick in my door I’d be very scared.”

And, she doesn’t know what she’d do if it happened to her.

“It would be very annoying because it’s the safety of people’s homes. I literally have a child, another one on the way, and two huge dogs that may or may not bite,” Aragon said.

The “door kick challenge” is dangerous for people on both sides of the door, and that’s why police are asking parents to talk to their kids about safety.

“With what’s going on in Champaign, we have to prepare our kids for a lot of stuff,” Dennemann said.

Police say they detained an individual Thursday night and released them back to parents. The investigation is ongoing. The say while it may be a joke to some, the trend hurts real people. Kids can face criminal charges, including misdemeanors and even felonies. Those charges can follow kids for the rest of their lives.