Teenagers help truck driver after crash


ARCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — Three teenagers may be the reason one man made it through the night. A man crashed his semi on IL-Route 130 last night. That’s right on the Coles-Douglas county line.

His truck was black. That’s tough to see on a county road at night, but just a flicker of light bouncing off of the chrome on the truck was enough.

“I immediately yelled to Blaze ‘pull over,'” said Daniel Upton. It was just a quick flash of light, but it was enough to tell Upton something was wrong. He was riding in his friend Blaze Rich’s truck.

“I had all my lights on, and it was still hard to see through the fog,” said Rich. They called police right away.

“I saw that the front axle had been taken out from in front of it from the wreck,” said Upton. Rayden Gavis was in his car right behind them. He stopped too.

“My first thought was I need to make sure this guy’s okay because being in the military, my first instinct is check of everyone’s okay,” said Gavis.

“Once we smelled diesel, I knew we should probably get him of the truck, because if it engulfs, he’s just gonna catch on fire,” said Gavis.

“When I opened the door, his head was against the steering wheel, and I pushed him back into his seat. He was… he was conscious, but he wasn’t making any sense when he was speaking,” Upton explained. While they waited for help, they didn’t leave his side.

“We stayed there until the ambulances, the fire department, and the police got there,” Rich said.

It may be because of Upton’s keen eye, and the three’s boy’s quick actions, that the man didn’t spend the night alone. “He could’ve been there for hours. The truck was full black, so it would’ve been hard to see even in normal weather conditions,” said Upton.

“It was insanely foggy. If he didn’t see the reflection… there were several cars that just drove right past it,” explained Gavis, “and we wouldn’t have seen it either because if we didn’t see the reflection, we could’ve just drove by and who knows how long he could’ve been there.”

The three teenagers said, as they waited for help to come, they kept talking to the driver to make sure he stayed awake. They also brought him into one of their cars to keep him warm.

The man in the truck was seriously hurt. He was taken to the hospital. We weren’t able to get an update on how he’s doing. He was ticketed for DUI and improper lane usage.

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