Teenager’s good deed spurs Toys for Tots donations


HOOPESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — One teenager is determined for kids in need to have a good Christmas, even if he has to take matters into his own hands.

Clayton Hargrove works at Monical’s Pizza in Hoopeston. The business has a Toys for Tots bin for people to drop off donations, but because of the pandemic, the bin has been inside the lobby where it’s hard for people to see.

“Come to work one day and saw it was empty, come to work the next day and saw it was empty again,” said Hargrove. “So I was thinking maybe they couldn’t see it because they couldn’t come in.”

That didn’t sit right with him. So he decided to make sure that bin had toys in it, even if he had to fill it himself. And that’s exactly what he planned to do.

Hargrove spent roughly $120 on toys, storing them in his closet until he could drop them off. The sudden toy collection caught his mother’s eye. When he explained why he had them all, she decided to share his good deed on Facebook on Wednesday, and suggested others donate as well.

Friday evening, when Hargrove showed up for his shift at work, toys in tow, he was surprised at what he found.

“I figured someone would come and drop something in, put a few things in. I come here and I was just astonished. It was almost full.”

So full in fact, he said he could barely fit the toys he bought in the bin.

The store manager said other workers also want to donate, and they plan on leaving the box outside, next to the door during store hours unless there’s bad weather.

Hargrove said he’s happy to see others donated, and said it’s all about passing it on.

“If you do something good for someone, everyday, maybe someone will pass it on and do something good the next day, someone could do something good that same day, later on.”

The last day to donate before the bin is picked up for Toys for Tots is December 9.

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