Teenager starts his own business


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — “He’s my son. He’s my son and I’m proud of him and I’m going to stand with him and behind him,” Dwayne Hubbard Senior said.

Dwayne Hubbard Jr. started making t-shirts last year in the pandemic and what started as an idea sparked into a business.

“In December I made my own t-shirt because I wanted to be different,” Hubbard Jr. said. “I wanted my own designs that nobody had.”

17-year-old Dwayne Hubbard Jr. is a stellar student, star of his Central High School basketball team and he’s a business owner.

“Its amazing to juggle basketball, straight “A” student, 4.0 GPA, basketball, and a business, that’s awesome and I just thank God for it,” Hubbard Sr. said.

“I come here after school and do some of my school work and do shirts and if I have practice, I go to practice and I come back if I have any more work because I enjoy doing it,” Hubbard Jr. said.

Hubbard Jr. came up with the idea to start his own clothing brand in December 2020. Its called “Different Brand,” which paints the message to embrace your own uniqueness.

“A lot of stuff is going on in the world and everybody is feeling left out or not welcome and I feel like everybody should feel welcome no matter what you are skin color, race, ethnicity group or anything,” Hubbard Jr. said.

“He has a soft heart for everything and everybody no matter what race, no matter what you believe in, what religion, it doesn’t matter we just all different,” Hubbard Sr. said. “That’s all I wear. That’s all I wear now is his brand.”

He has created hats, sweatshirts, multiple t-shirts and track suits. He even created t-shirt designs for different schools.

“A lot of friends and family have definitely supported me a lot during this journey,” Hubbard Jr. said. “I have people out of town and out of state that I have shipped to and its been going very well.”

His dad couldn’t be more proud.

“Super proud. Just to know that it all started with just a t-shirt, just an idea and I’m just so proud of him right now,” Hubbard Sr. said.

Hubbard Jr. shares an office suite with his dad so he’s just one desk away. He also created his own website. That link is below.


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