Teenager arrested after vandalism at church


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Officers said a teenager was arrested after a church was vandalized and a church bus was burglarized.

Sergeant Chris Copeland said Moundford Free Methodist Church was broken into on Monday night. He said numerous windows were broken, televisions were damaged, fire extinguishers were discharged along with other damages.

They learned about the burglary after receiving a “strange 9-1-1 call” that was likely placed by 19-year-old Brandon Underwood. They traced the phone call to the church. He was found inside, covered in blood and wearing only boxers. Copeland said he had significant injuries, likely from broken glass.

Before the church was broken into, a bus at the Lutheran School Association was ransacked. Copeland said a fire extinguisher was discharged in the bus, cabinetry in the bus was also damaged, etc.

Security video shows Underwood was the only person involved in both crimes. After he was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries, Underwood was arrested following release.

Copeland said Underwood has a history of mental illness and has been involved in other incidents at the church. Officers do not believe this has anything to do with recent unrest.

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