CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) – The teenager who shot up the Mattoon High School cafeteria in September of last year was given a juvenile and adult sentence today in court.

15-year-old Josiah Lyons was sentenced to juvenile prison until he turns 21-years-old.

The judge said if he gets into trouble there he will serve 25 years as an adult.  This came after an hour of testimonies in court.   Including from the student who was shot and his father who took the stand.

The student said after today, he can carry on. The victim’s father said he had no ill will towards Josiah or his family.  He said, “He hopes that one day Josiah will get a second chance”.

Attorneys say Lyons will be released by his 21st birthday if he stays out trouble.  They say he could also get an early release from the juvenile detention center for good behavior.