Teen asks school board to change dress code


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA)–“Its not just about me. Its about all of the students in D 118 and all of the students anywhere,” Laynie Ferriman, senior at Danville High School, said.

One teen is speaking up for what she believes in. A senior at Danville High School is trying to get school board members to change the dress code.

Laynie Ferriman says all body types are different, so the rules need updated. She hopes speaking up will spark a change.

“I had a mental breakdown in a Target over buying school clothes and my mom said you have to go to the school board if you want a change and so I decided that’s what I had to do,” Laynie Ferriman said.

17- year old Laynie Ferriman is hoping to spark change in Danville.

“Its really cool that I get to be apart of the change that’s going to change the atmosphere in D 118 schools. I got to be apart of that and even though its so much bigger than I even know, its so cool to be able to say that I helped,” Laynie Ferriman said.

Laynie Ferriman thought the dress code needed updating. She says everyone’s body is different and the policy could be changed to better suit everyone. She spoke with students and did some research on the district’s policy. She then presented her concerns during a school board meeting.

“You can use your voice to make actual change and if you just do it respectfully and go the right way about it you can make a change,” Laynie Ferriman said.

We called the school board to hear their input on Ferriman’s proposal. Board Vice President Shannon Schroeder said over the phone that she would not object to taking another look at the uniform standard. She went on to say there are some things that could use a look.

Schroeder also said she’s proud of Ferriman for taking a stand in something she believes in, while giving a great presentation to the board.

“I am so proud of my daughter. I am proud of her for having the guts to go up in front of the school board and the administrators, but I’m also proud of her for doing her research, coming up with the studies, and speaking with her fellow classmates and then presenting her proposal to the school board,” Angie Ferriman, Laynie’s mom, said.

While Ferriman knows this change may not be implemented while she’s still a high school student. She hopes she can make a difference in someone’s life.

“Its not just about me. I hope that some 6th grader at Northridge sees what I’m doing and thinks like oh I can do that too,” Laynie Ferriman said.

Ferriman told me she spoke with Schroeder and they’re planning to set up a meeting to discuss those proposed changes. Ferriman wants to see the length of skirts and dresses be at first knuckle length or right at their fingertips. Right now, they have to be an inch below their fingertips.

She also asks for rips in jeans to be allowed if they are mid thigh and down. She also asked for tank tops to be allowed if the straps are an inch to an inch and a half.

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