TA’s return to the classroom after 3 day strike


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) – Teaching assistants are set to return to work Friday without a contract. 

The union suspended its strike Thursday afternoon, after three days of picketing. During the strike, the district said more than 500 students in special education and pre-kindergarten programming would be unable to go to school. The district has said parents of children with IEPs can arrange meetings with their school’s special education administrator or the MPSED office (217-362-3055) to determine the impact of lost time and compensatory services needed. 

On Thursday, the State Board of Education responded to the suspension of programming and classes for children with disabilities, saying the district was not in compliance with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. ISBE said it would follow up with the district “regarding remedies and the potential consequences of further noncompliance.”

While the strike has been suspended, the union is requesting additional bargaining dates from the Board of Education through their mediator. Nothing had been scheduled yet. The biggest issue over months of failed negotiations had been health insurance. 

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