Taylorville Police warns community regarding scam targeting store employees

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TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Taylorville Police are warning their community about a scam targeting store employees.

In a Facebook post, officers said they were notified Wednesday about the scam. They learned a fake corporate number called the store employee. “During this scam the employee was threatened with arrest and impeding an investigation,” said police. The scammer told the employee to take out money from the register and buy gift cards, “claiming it was what the owner wanted.” When the employee questioned what was going on, the scammer continued to threaten them.

The employee wanted Taylorville Police to warn the community about this, “so that another business and employee don’t go through this.”

In addition to the warning, police offered a few “red flags” to help neighbors spot a scam.

Those include:

  • If someone tells you to not tell someone else
  • If someone is saying you need to buy gift cards as payment or to correct the issue
  • If someone threatens you will be arrested or you/your family will be physically harmed
  • If they tell you your employer/manager is asking something of you, but won’t let you talk to them

Taylorville Police said this is the second scam of this kind of which they are aware. They stated a similar situation happened in Champaign.

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